Welcome to the homepage of Gospel Centre’s Bible Quizzing team, located in West Edmonton. We are part of Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) Bible Quizzing in the Western Canada District (WCD).

If you don’t live nearby, there are many other quiz teams all over Alberta. Contact us to find a team near you!

We meet for a Bible study and quiz practice once a week from 7:00 – 8:45 PM in West Edmonton. If you are new to Quizzing and want to join us, contact us and we will send you all pertinent information.

We are your source for all things Quizzing. All in one place.

• New to Quizzing •
You will probably find what you need to know in About Bible Quizzing and Basics. Not sure quizzing is for you? Watch this video for an excellent synopsis.

• Quizzer •
The Quizzers’ Corner is going to be the place where most of the stuff you need to know will be found.

• Parent or Spectator
All of the pages will be of interest to you, especially the Basics page, the Resources page, and the District Meets page.

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